Looking for Terraria/Zelda/Realmadgod/2D RPGS Game designs ( specialist work )

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    Jun 10, 2016
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    Hello guys, i am planning a big Project so if you cant provide any Reputation or previous work, you are wasting ur time ( Scammers waste their time ... )

    I am searching for some Game designs, in the Thread Topic i already mentioned what Kind of style i want, you can find a lot of examples in Google " 2D RPG " i dont want any copy pastes, you can take ideas from them ofc i want you to do that but i dont want to hurt the copy right because my game is going to be Commercial.

    What i Need is the following:

    A big Map ( 1 Area, not a whole game, you can pass the map within 2-3min i think )
    Character Designs of Hunter, Sorcerer, Warriors, Thiefs stuff like that
    Ability design, when you attack/shoot/cast stuff like that you have to design something
    Item designs

    and and and

    If you have experience in this i am looking for longterm work in a big Project =) please only contact me if you taking this serious