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Looking for SUCCESSFUL forum owner to run a forum

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by ClThis, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. ClThis

    ClThis Regular Member

    Oct 27, 2009
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    Merchant Services

    I have a forum that compliments my product and provides a very good utility for it.

    1. Successful forum admin who has proof
    2. Get members specific to the niche
    3. Know how to keep members active or an active forum
    4. Know PHPBB forum stuff and know how to work it without me
    5. MUST BE US! Sorry, its not because of English or any of that, but the site is specifically NORTH AMERICA, primary the USA

    An experienced person will be able to let this self run in no time and after I start pushing members your revenue through ads. etc will increase

    I need someone who runs, manages, and owns forums and can provide proof they know what they are doing. I am looking to get this to 1k members but rather have quality and NICHE members.

    My site will automatically sign up members for the forum, so I will be dragging members to the forum.


    1. ALL Ad Revenue is yours
    2. All cpa/affiliate accounts are under your name and I will take no percentage of anything

    This is why it is a joint venture. I get to approve of the products/ads on the forum and the members you are guiding there. They must be relevant to the niche. (Niche will not be released till I feel I have a few candidates who can show me proof of past experience)

    I will guide a lot of members a day there, but not for another 2 weeks so I need someone doing it now. When I start pushing members from another site it will go up in numbers FAST.

    How will I benefit?
    1. I will make money off of the PAID section. That is it.
    2. I will support my main project with this and use my main product to push users here
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