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    Quick job here, I have a client who has a PHP based site, and we have recently implemented a payment gateway.

    The payment gateway basically redirects them to the secure payment page, they make the payment and finally, they are sent back to a thank you page, which shows the results of the payment, the amount, whether it was a success or failure, etc.

    As far as I know, it is SOAP based, and the results are being pulled via PHP. I need someone to format the output on this thank you page. I would like to remove some fields from this output, and modify others, (e.g: adding a decimal point to the amount, which is currently shown in cents).

    I will pay $50 to anyone who can complete this task for me. Don't add me on Skype, you can post here or PM me for more info.
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    Got the payment
    Job is completed
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