Looking for someone to split a 10 phone number order with SMS for 42.50 per month($21.25)

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    I run a legit local biz and have been fucked by the CL change that started about July.

    I only post 3-5 ads per day in the services section.

    I have been hurting for cash since this change and have ordered numbers that will not verify with CL.

    I am on such a tight budget and I do not need the minimum of 10 numbers per month from a reliable source that I have.

    I am looking for someone in a similar situation that can split the cost and the numbers.

    $21.25 per month for 5 numbers that also forward SMS texts, unlimited use, they are real cell numbers, and the company guarantees them, so if we have any problems, they will replace the numbers that have an issue.

    Here is how it would work: You email me with the area codes you want, I order the numbers and will pay the $42.50 up-front, you pay me the 21.50 and I will email you the numbers with your preferred area code.

    We both win.

    PM me if you want to do this.

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    The offer is still available? I might be interested! PM me