Looking for someone to sell links on my pages

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    I have an authority site with thousands of pages Pr 3 - 6 that I want to sell links on. I'm not interested in spending all the time working with people, posting in forums, ect. and thought it might be a good idea to hire someone to do it for me.

    1. Decent understanding of how PR works
    2. Cannot disclose the domain to the public
    3. Good attitude and customer service

    Compensation - 25% of all links sold until the subscriber cancels (I can pay you within 24 hrs of receiving payment for the links through paypal for the first couple links to build trust, I don't want to send payments daily forever though. I would prefer bulk payments every 7 days.)

    Minimum pricing (you can price them for whatever you want above minimum)
    PR 6 - $25/month
    PR 5 - $15/month
    PR 4 - $8/month
    PR 3 - $4/month

    I will add the links myself.

    I don't want to sell links to porn sites, hate sites, or sites that promote illegal activities.

    If interested PM me and let me know why you would make a good link seller.