Looking For Someone To Rank A Keyword For My Site

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    Im looking for someone who can rank 1 url on my site for 2 keywords. I can do this myself but im busy ranking other keywords and also my full time job :( I am looking for someone who can rank both keywords within the top 3 positions in google dot com (Ideally 1st place:) )

    My money site is a wordpress site and has a homepage of PR1 a dot com and is 3 years old. I have just written an article which is optmised for the 2 keywords im targeting.

    Info about the keywords

    Keyword 1 - Wont be hard to rank, infact it might even make the top 10 once the article has been indexed in google

    Competition in google com = 147,000 results
    allintitle in google com = 410

    Below is a screenshot of the top 10 competition from traffic travis

    Keyword 2 - Will be a bit harder to rank

    Competition in google com = 253,000 results
    allintitle in google com = 27,500

    Below is a screenshot of the top 10 competition from traffic travis (Rated as Realitivly Easy)

    To rank these keywords you can use safe blackhat methods (I dont want 1000's of forum profile / scrapebox links directly to my money site)

    If you think you can rank these 2 keywords in the top 3 postitions in google dot com please send me a pm with the following info

    -How much you want for this job
    -What methods you will use to rank these keywords
    -What previous experience you have of ranking keywords

    I will pay via paypal, I will pay 1/4 of the fee before you start the work. 1/4 when we start to see results then 1/2 when the keyword is ranking. I will also expect an update on work done when you do it

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    PM me with your skype and I can get you a quote.
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    If your still looking contact me @ skype :)