Looking for someone to purchase branded goods in Europe or America

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    I am looking to purchase branded goods in Europe/America such as Prada, Miu Miu, Coach -- Famous brands that is a household name and average people have heard of. I will skip brands that I or the entire world have not heard of before.

    The Buyer needs to be physically present in either Europe/America to purchase the products, inspect that it is without damage and ship to an Asian country. I will be paying for the shipping and I am willing to pay a 5%-10% fee for every shipment. For example, if the entire shipment is $5,000, you will receive $250-$500. The reason for the range would be on the number of shops you have to run to, quantity of products, etc.

    To repeat: The Buyer will need to go to the shop to purchase, inspect the products and ship it over because most of the outlet stores do not allow people to purchase online such as Prada

    I am willing to negotiate the terms with you and if you are really interested in such an arrangement, we can add each other on Skype
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    I'm interested in discussing. Shoot me a PM when you get a chance.