Looking for someone to do dataentry job... Easy money

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    Hey all,

    Okay I need someone to search for full rss feeds for me... Details? Here it goes:

    You need to find blogs/websites in technology niche and find their RSS feed. The blogs can be on based on whatever platform. I just need 'full' RSS feeds...
    A full rss feed is the one that does not require you to click on some link to 'read more'... It syndicates whole article in the feed.
    Hint: Most of the feedburner feeds are full (Most of them are).

    The niche is very broad i.e. Technology and anything that relates to computers, gadgets, phones, etc somehow, goes.

    I need hundreds of feeds of constantly updating websites.

    Another thing is that if you know someone who has an autoblog in that niche, that would help a LOT.

    Its no rocket science and I would have done this myself I had the time to.

    Let me know your price.
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    If you are looking to convert partial to full feeds you can use Yahoo Pipes. Here's a good tutorial - http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/blogging/116742-how-yahoo-pipes-full-text.html

    Just train your VA to make the partial to full feeds (takes about a minute to duplicate the existing pipe, insert new rss link and hit save). Some sites have very good content and I'm sure you don't wanna miss them. :D
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