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we can help with telegram.
Welcome to our professional Telegram business (we are in service more than 5 years), where we provide an array of high-quality services to enhance your Telegram experience. Our Major services includes:

Group to Group Member add
Telegram Mass Message Send service
⏫ Add Always online members to group
Add members to Voice/Video sessions
sending messages to multiple groups

We take great pride in offering unique and innovative features such as
Chat hype service
♋️ Chat replication
♂️ Mass report
‍‍‍ Channel Followers
Channel Post Views
✅ Vote casting
reactions on posts

These services are designed to help you boost your engagement and achieve your desired results.

Invite Users to your group

Looking to quickly and organically grow your group? We can help by inviting real members from any other group of your choice. This method allows for steady and exponential growth of your group.

Benefits of this method include:

1- The ability to choose any source group to add members from.
2- Fast group growth.
3- Minimal time investment.

To further streamline the process, we also offer filtering options such as:

1- Filtering by last online time (e.g. 1 hour to 1 week)
2- Filtering by users who have written in a group or channel (with comments enabled)
3- The option to provide your own list of users
4- Automatic removal of bots from filtered users.

DMs - News Letter

Direct Messages to Telegram Users.

- We can send message to members of any group of your choice
- Send message to only those users who were online a specific time frame (like 4 hours)
- Send message to only admins/moderators of groups (very useful for service providers

We provide the highest possible conversion!
Our Messages stay and our accounts are super strong.

we Are available 24x7, on a small notice we can start sending your messages.

Message Price: 0.05 USD Per Message (450 USD for 10k / 40 USD for 50K+)
Minimum 1000 messages, any subject, any volume is possible(current capacity is 500K per day).

We will make sure that every target user knows about you.
Give us a chance and we will prove that our work is unique.

Online Members

An online user count on Telegram can help group admins and channel owners gauge real-time engagement, manage events, enhance community interaction, and make informed decisions about content strategy. It can also offer insights for user engagement analysis and improve the overall user experience. However, privacy concerns should be carefully considered when implementing such a feature.

VC Listners

Suppose you're planning an AMA or a conference for your project, and you're concerned about having a low number of participants. In such cases, there's no need to worry. We're here to assist. Our bots can join the event using real names and profile pictures, giving the impression of attentive real users who are actively engaged in listening to your AMA or conference.

‍‍‍ Channel Services

Our range of channel services includes the following:

‍‍‍ Channel Followers
Channel Post Views
❤️ Reactions on Posts (Positive or Negative)
Vote Casting

Chat Hype

If you've recently created a new group or your existing group lacks activity, we're here to assist. Our experienced team can join your chat, discussing your project, answering users' inquiries, and elevating the chat activity.

Engagement Boost Service (9 or 12 IDs) - Our team members boast over 3 years of experience.

Group Shilling

We offer two methods for promoting your content:

Automated Software: Messages are dispatched to 500 to 5000 groups using automated software. We continually acquire new groups to expand reach.

Human-based Approach: Our dedicated team handles captcha challenges and shares your message across various groups.
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