Looking for serious investor


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Sep 26, 2008
I am doing well with several IM projects, but I have an idea that I need an investor for. I am female and will either personally do or hire out the work on what I need the money for. PM me for info and also for how much of a cut/payback you would like to get. Thanks much! :D

Why did you feel the need to mention in your post that you are female? Is that somehow relevant to the partnerships you wish to form?
Hi, I'm male. You don't sell your idea very well. Oh yea, did I mention that I am male?

I DON'T sell my idea too well Mikey NUTS???? Hmmmm...then why am I receiving PM's about it....huh...Mikey NUTS???? I wonder how come? Oh...and did you realize yet that this forum isn't Wicked Fire where everyone tries to show what jackasses and idiots they are by jumping in on threads that aren't meant for them? Hmmmm...maybe Mikey NUTS might wanna think next time before opening his mouth? Geez...bite me Mikey NUTS! lol
Thanks MrColor Wolf I have just sent you details.

tgrule80...please PM me some info about you so that I know you are legit. I apologize in advance if this is out of line, but you only have 2 posts here so I am concerned about your being someone who wouldn't be in my best interests to give my information to. I don't bite...just PM me and tell me about yourself and I will be happy to chat with you..;)

Thanks again!
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