looking for "self hosted/shared" p2p program that still work --no torrent

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    hi i have some files to share but i am almost sure they will get banned from popular torrent site(or i will be banned myself lol)
    today i did download vuze frostwire and ares (did not use that since almost 8 years) and the newer version
    do not suport shared folder (seeding files directly from my hardrive) they only take torent files so i did downgrade ie: frostwire 5 to frostwire 4 ..as for ares and vuse
    they DO suport shared folder but it seems like nobody use those method anymore ...only 40-50 seeds for popular thing like new movies or pop song ..i havent used this since longgg time maybe there is new program that im not aware of? ..didnt find any topic about this so if someone can help me i would be more then happy.

    ps sorry for my english
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