Looking for Sales Person to Sell Sponsorship on Stock/Finance Site with 200k visitors/mo

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    I run a high traffic stock/finance news site which features a lot of articles and updates on stocks, read by over 200,000 US unique visitors per month.

    I am looking for a sales person to go out and find those who are interested in sponsoring news articles.

    As a sales person, you can charge anything above $1.50 and keep it as profit per article. So even at $3 per article, and clients usually order 100 links at a time, you will make $150 per package. Full training will be provided.

    We will place the clients website url at the bottom of each news article post they sponsor. An average article may get of 500-600 unique visitors. We are google news approved, and our articles are featured in front of targeted visitors and investors interested in making money in the stock market.

    What kind of sites are good? Other stock news sites, discussion boards, if you are selling a service, or ebook related to stock trading, forex, penny stocks.

    Cost to Advertiser is just: $1.50 per news article sponsoring for all future articles. This is just a one time payment and their link stays forever. They can also pre pay in advance and we will add your link to all future news post up to the amount that you paid for.





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