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Looking for Publishers and Feed Providers in PV/TOS, IAS, and RON traffic types

Discussion in 'Other PPC Networks' started by PlexMedia, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. PlexMedia

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    Nov 14, 2016
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    My name is Andrew, and I represent the Pay-Per-Click ad network Plex Media

    Based on the demand we have and the number of clicks needed each day to fill our advertiser budgets, we need MORE INVENTORY, right now.

    If you have an XML feed and could use extra revenue, contact Plex today

    The biggest unique advantage of Plex is our Traffic Evaluation Tool, which reviews the traffic coming from your feed and selects the most relevant, highest-paying advertiser to go with it. Even with RON or PV/TOS feeds, you’re always getting the highest bid through technology nobody else has.

    Plus, this tool will soon be available to our partners only in a private-beta, and will be usable on all your traffic within your own account. Ask your rep at Plex for details about getting your own account set up with this tool and the launch date for its use!

    Plex’s Industry-Standard Feature:

    * Direct Link, XML, or JSON feed
    * Multi-feed Friendly
    * Twice-per-month payments for full balance owed – no holds or adjustments, ever

    Plex’s Exclusive Features, Best in the World

    * Internal traffic evaluation tool, makes sure that every click you send gets the highest bid
    * Direct, Exclusive ad coverage – not just other networks’ feeds marked-up or resold.
    * Instant cash-outs available for any publisher whose earnings are $1000 or higher – just ask!
    * Rev Share of 80% on all accounts, highest in the industry

    Q: How do I join this awesome network?
    A: Contact me at [email protected] and I’ll give you the invite code to get your account set up.

    After we discuss the volume and type of traffic you have to offer, we start with our Evaluation Tool that pairs up our highest paying advertisers with your traffic type. Once we have enough data to ensure you’re going to make the most money possible every day, the volume caps are lifted and you can send as much as you want.

    I look forward to hearing from everyone wanting to make money and help us fill all of these budgets we have for you!