Looking for proxies you can renew daily or weekly


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Jan 9, 2014

I am in search of a proxy provider where you can:
- get cheap proxies
- renew your proxies daily.

I need proxies in mass, but, mainly, I will kill these proxies in days or in one week. So I have to renew them.

I know you can renew your proxies one time a month with most of the proxy providers, but daily or weekly, I didn't find it.

I would like to know if a such service exists.

Thanks, but as it is written on their site:

[h=3]How often do you refresh the proxies?[/h] Never, by default. Treat your proxies like you would your own connection. Just because they're good, doesn't mean anti-scraping detection is allerted. So use proper delays. That being said, we will happily refresh your proxies once a month on request!

Once a month is the norme. I know that what I want is unusual.
You can try Zenmate.
You can renew it weekly not daily. I think you can use it reliably.
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