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    Hi All,

    I recently partnered with a media company that does a lot of big name US based merchant promo codes in their productions. THere are sometimes instances where these shows get taken out of the lineup, but they still have valid, marketable codes to be promoted for revenue. To fill this gap, I am recruiting marketers for these unique promo code campaigns. They are generally NOT link dependent. When someone uses your unique code at a merchant site, you get paid. The payouts are a lot higher than you will get on any affiliate network and the offers are much better too.

    As I mentioned. These are coupon based. Whatever method you have to use is fair game. This is a legitimate opportunity with a large media company. If you're tired of getting jerked around by the affiliate networks and want an offer that puts you ahead of the pack, this is your chance.

    Please DM me if you have excited interest. Please, only experienced marketers. There will be a verification process to examine your portfolio and previous successes. I'm happy to share all the details about the opportunity and answer any questions you may have on Skype or via phone.