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Looking for programmer

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by OnMGrind, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. OnMGrind

    OnMGrind Regular Member

    Aug 7, 2014
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    im in need of a program. I feel its fairly simple...

    I basically want a program like Microsoft word... but its different

    would like to be able to

    1. easily format things....instead of tabbing and such... i want to be able to write something and drag it on the page... wherever i want.

    meabing... i type sentence... "i love oranges". instead of copy paste it and place it via clicking where i want on the page (this only works if the page is full of words already) I want to be able to drag the sentence around the page and just plop it wherever. like the page will have increments.. (lots of them) where you can just drag and drop any word or words or paragraphs. like if you wede to write a plan outline with arrows pointing to each step... u could move them around wherever. this is super important. must be able to move things wherever.. and look good too...

    so like say the page has invisible increments going horizontally to 100. you shoild be able to drag any pic/word/paragraph on a said position and have something under in that same plot just on a y axis.... no using tab. more precise,..

    2. i want to be able to place a page, word, sentence, or paragraph into a database.
    say i write a page on the awsome adventure i had this weekend... and how i got drunk and climbed a mountain. i want a function that will allow me to basically store that page... or paragraph into a database... not only in a seperate word doc... but within the program itself.

    basically highlight... (after highlighting what iw ant) i should be able to chose to place where i wanna save it.

    so it saves into database A... where all my other saved things are,, and Database B will be the file i am currently working on.database A will have everything... where database B,C,D,E (my projects) can withdraw said information whenever i would like... and of course be able to plop it in whenever/wherever i want.

    i will need to be able to organize any project. Since database A.. will be basically the library... the main database with everything (although any new project should be able to do the same), i want to be able to categorize everything.

    like when i save a word, pic, phrase, page i want to be able to categorize it. so say im in project b(databSe b)... when i highlight a sentence "the kangaroo eats plants" i have the option to save in database A as... either section under Kangaroos or kangaroos/eating habits or animals/kangRoos/habits/diet.

    then overall i will be able to categorize everything alphabetically... or by subject... or anything else... i would have to able to make my own categories and sub devisions.

    i might think of more stuff... not sure how hard it will be... but ima ask a few friends what they would charge for it.

    let me know if u can do this... how long it would take.. and how much... if u javent guessed i want mobility... meaning i wamt to be able to do what i want... and file/ categorize with ease