Looking for people with real followers. Large Twitter, Facebook, etc...

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by smallgiant, Jan 10, 2012.

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    I'm looking for anyone with a large social media platform to advertise to. If you have a Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or any other method to drive traffic let me know.

    Looking for people that already have a decent following, that is still growing. Would like if you have real followers and not fakes. However, if you have a large account, but used fakes to begin with just let me know. If you have a slightly smaller following, but it is all legitimate also notify me.

    Basically I want people who would be willing to drive traffic to 2 locations for me. One having to do with money making/advertising and one with discount tech, jewelry, tickets, etc...

    You will have to prove ownership of the account, and I will require at least one test run to see what I can expect in terms of visitors from you. Please do not try to just run fake clicks through the links.

    Still haven't really decided how I'll pay out. Might do a monthly payout, something performance based, a communal thing, or some kind of case by case effort.

    I actually get paid for different things. so how I'll divide that out is still in the air.
    Either way those driving legitimate conversions and sign ups will get either 60% of my sales commissions, or a set amount based on total people.

    If you might be interested send me a pm with a link to your twitter/Facebook/whatever and post something noticeable on your account. My name would be good. Let me know what your niche is, and let me know whether you've used any blackhat methods to grow your account.