Looking for people(no uplimit) to fill some forms, $0.50/each, 1 minute work


Jun 27, 2009
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Need people to login to an account and fill some forms and ill pay $0.50 per each. It takes only 1 minute. 1 person can fill 5-10 accounts.

Some rules apply for a succesful filling.

PM me if interested.

Payment via Webmoney or Paypal.
@pavan clean your inbox :)

pavan has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
Please pm me with more details please. Thank you.
where to sign ups man...i can't got any sign ups option..u didn't tell me clearly about where to sign ups and how

There is no signup. I give you username and password. You need to sign in aka login.
More than 20 people applied for this. I PM everybody the same explanation. And you are the only one who is asking such a question. I think you are not capable to do this work but anyways thank you. Have a nice future :)
If I'm not mistaken offering money for people to fill in offers is against BHW rules.

8 - Prohibited Activities - The following activities are no longer allowed on this forum and will result in a ban.

* Currency Trades or Exchanges (Example: Exchanging PayPal money for eGold money)
* Selling/Exchanging bank accounts
* Selling/Exchanging CPA accounts (EPN accounts are permitted w/ blank TaxID ONLY)
* Selling/Exchanging Social Security Numbers or Identities
* CPA offer filling circles
* Having signatures that link to shopping carts full of scripts or other other marketplace type websites without approval first from staff
* Linking to membership type sites that will steal our userbase on your signature without approval from staff
* Paying to have CPA or Affiliate offers filled
* Requesting fake review comments for other forums' BST sections
* Digg / Stumble (or similar) requests & trades
* Pre-sell / hype threads (must have explicit permission from the staff)
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