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    Nov 8, 2012
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    I am getting back into CPA after a big 3 years pause.
    I have good social dating/adult traffic, and I need a good offer for it. I am looking for something similar to livelinks.com. Applied for them but, they've said that they don't take any new affiliates at the moment. The idea with livelinks is that they provide a phone number that I have to promote not necessarily a link. But if the offer is good enough, promoting a link would be fine as well, still promoting a phone number would get more leads for sure.

    Right now I'm doing some experiments with adultfriendfinder, but the payment is like $0.10/free signup, which is way too low. I get 33% per sale, but no sale yet though.

    I've applied for crakrevenue, but no response yet.

    Lot of my old CPA accounts, are not working anymore, since the networks look like they're gone as well, lol.

    Also, if a crakrevenue affiliate manager is seing this, please contact me on skype, if something is needed for my verification (payment from different network, etc).