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Looking for partner / marketingpartner for iOS app with big potential

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by seo2buck, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Aug 9, 2012
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    I got a app that is based on peoples curiosity and people like to know each single thing about each other. The users answers questions about their friends, witch a "locked" answer is placed in there app. Even if they don't use the app so can they download it a year later and still have all those locked answers to unlock. On a locked answer you see the Question + the answer Yes or NO. What you don't see is who have answered the question. If you unlock the answer you will see a profile image of that user and if you double click on that user you will be asked if you want to visit that person facebook profile.

    This app idéa came to me 3 years ago when i played this game on Facebook, it's really addictive really to unlock answers, you want to find out what your friends think about you. It's a total of 5 apps on Facebook with the same owner (all apps connected together with answers, credits, etc) This apps got a around 5 million unique players each month. Witch im sure you could get out to with the right marketing. This app also took me close to 3 years to develop started with both iOS and android but stopped android after like 6 months when i saw this was gonna take a long time. I also added a Facebook app for this witch is connected to the mobile app.. All credits, answers, etc. In mobile app can you also pay to unlock All locked answers. You pay with paypal. Also surveys in the Facebook app and you can buy credits.

    Info about users:
    Off this 5 million unique players so does about 1 million of them own a iPhone with iOS 6 or newer. I checked with Facebook ads.

    App you can find here:

    It's a Free and premium app with a nice looking desing and animations. Witth in-app purchases and surveys/offers.
    If you login once so can you share stuff on facebook freely without having to enter your password again. Unless you logout the app.

    Features - Users:
    Import friends from facebook and earn credits.
    - Can also delete friends.
    Invite friends from facebook and earn credits.
    - Invite a specific friend or several friends at once.
    Answer Yes or No on questions and earn credits.
    - They can also skip questions but do not earn anything for that.
    - A user can answer 49 daily questions for a regular user and 99 questions for a premium user each day.
    - Also if user have answerd up all questions so will a timer start. The timer gives you 5 new daily questions each 2 hours. Or 8 new daily questions for premium users.
    - You can also pay to unlock 25 new daily questions. You pay with credits.

    Bonus credits after each 25 questions you answer.
    Unlock answers for credits.
    Share question / app on facebook and get credits. (Get max 5 credits each day, 1 credit for each share)
    Leave a review on app store and get credits. (only get credits once)
    Like FriendPeeker on facebook and get credits. (only get credits once)
    Buy credits.
    Buy premium.
    Send messages to users inside the app.
    Choose language between Swedish and English.
    Info text about the app.
    If they want sound to be on of off.
    Log in and log out.

    Notifications for:

    New message
    Free premium
    Free credits
    X days of premium remaning
    Premium ran out
    Someone answered a question about you.
    Persons name unlocked a answer you answered.
    A notification get sent out on facebook when you have not visited the app for 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 week, etc..

    Features for admin:
    Admin have a lot of features, witch including changing pretty much everything in the app that is related to credits or notifications or days or timer.
    Admin can also send out notification to all users on Facebook and in the mobile with any message you like.
    Admin can give out free credits & premium to all or a specific person. This comes as a notification in mobile and on friendpeeker.
    In admin we also collect all the e-mails from all users.
    Can send out e-mail to all users from adminpanel.
    Change / edit / delete questions inside the app.
    Change / edit / delete info text in app + privacy policy + tos
    + much more.

    I'm looking for someone who can help me get this app viral. I'm willing to give away up to 45% of this app if you can help me make this happend.
    How much i give away depends on what you can offer me and what you are willing to put in for this things to happend.

    Contact me at skype: succeedwithseo