Looking for Partner for Baby/Mommy Whitehat Website

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by chrono727, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I am starting a baby/women oriented membership website and I am looking for a financial partner to help with the marketing costs, and possibly the promotion responsibilities. The site is about 70% finished and just needs some design work and a forum installed. I got laid off last month so I can no longer fund the project....

    I have spent 9 months planning the marketing, theme and general execution of getting this website up and going. I am offering 50% of all site profits in return...Revenue will come from membership fees, affiliates/CPA and selling ad space.

    Marketing costs/budget will need to be $500-$600 per month and again I have a detailed plan ready. If someone out there is looking to invest some money in a potentially lucrative whitehat venture, then this is a perfect opportunity.

    I can handle the entire operation (if you wish to remain a silent partner) or we can work as a team and split the duties...Im not opposed to either option.

    Before sharing any explicit details of my business plan, a Non-Disclosure and business contract will have to be signed first. This will include all the parameters, agreements, and contributions in writing.

    If interested send me a PM and we can discuss it further.