Looking for Offshore Affiliates Out of Reach of SPAM Legislation

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    I require an affiliate program that accepts US/CA/UK unsolicitied SMS traffic openly or in a "we don't allow this in the ToS (but really they do" way. The affiliate must be located in a jurisdiction where any efforts to apply "CAN-SPAM for SMS" laws are unable to be enforced.

    As far as offers any niche and commision is fine that will have a broad appeal (health, weight loss, Rx, pharma , fitness, credit reports, credit cards, insurance, casino, forex, binary options, email submits etc - CPA, PPS, Revshare etc) provided they accept mobile traffic from US/CA/UK. Also possibly acceptable is high paying offers with limited appeal however they will need to provide substantial returns.

    If you think you can provide me with this I'd love to hear from you. I can send large amounts of this traffic.

    Also as an aside: if anyone can point me to a place where i can find affiliates like this I would be most grateful.
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    If there is such a company, it'd have to be a really dodgy one. It's hard to give you trust and time to a dodgy company who might not even pay you in the end.
    Be careful mate!
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    ^ I think I saw some casino company offering this service months back...obviously they are not going to let the public know their name either, since even requesting this service would be bad press to them. Why not find some old threads on BHW and PM? Could be helpful...
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