Looking for MLM sellers of my popular product - PhenObestin in China and Korea ASAP, BIG $

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    I am a producer of popular weight loss product - PhenObestin 37.5.

    We are looking for partners - sellers on http://www.taobao.com/ and similar site(s) in Korea, Taiwan and the rest of Asia.

    I live in the USA and my warehouse is in Virginia. No presence in China or Korea, nor we have good people who can really sell in these countries. We tested shipping and every package we mail, makes it through customs. At the same time importing is impossible due to strict import laws on supplements.

    We recently met someone who sells similar, US produced supplements in these countries and makes 7 digits income in commissions alone.

    We can work some kind of deal where you sell to Chinese and Korean customers via taobao or other sites, we mail it from our warehouse in Virginia. You just pay us when we drop packages in the mail box.

    I am willing to work reasonable price also.

    The only downside is cheapest shipping with tracking number that shows delivery all the way up to delivery to addressee in China, is USPS Express which cost around $50 per package. We can certainly ship with priority mail for less, but there will be no tracking that's as good as USPS Express. I am not even talking about UPS or Fedex. USPS Express makes it to the most remote places in 7 business days.

    Our US customers when they buy 1 bottle, they pay $64.95 for the product and on top of that we charge $14.95 for shipping within the US. We charge $57 flat rate shipping per package for international orders.

    We have huge customer base in US, UK, Australia, Netherlands and many other countries.

    Product really works. It's our proprietary formula and nobody can even offer similar potency as us.

    We are willing to work something out if we can find good individual who is willing to put enough effort, who has enough knowledge and desire to make good money.

    My skype: kyrghizskype

    Get in touch with me ASAP, January is the best month for weight loss sales!