Looking For Long-Term, VERY Experienced, SEO Genius/Partner For Established Site

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by LordWilling, Dec 4, 2015.

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    Good afternoon,

    We are looking for an experienced, business-minded, hard working, long-term partner who is on the GENIUS level with SEO and has the ability to rank our established site on the first page for high competitive keyword. Just one keyword. We have the product. The site is about 7 years old and has ranked on the first page before. However, due to some negative press from a smear campaign from competitor(yes, really), traffic and sales took a hit as company search results on first page had negative results. Now, it's mostly cleaned up and we are prepared to take back what is ours.

    Over the past 7 years we have done atleast $100,000 in sales yearly. Our profit margin is 98%. We keep nearly every dollar because we create and make the product that is in high demand. There is very little expense involved. Everything is already setup and moving. All we need is the SEO now. However, the marketplace is saturated with low-quality and we have high quality and the industry credentials/track record that allows us to stand out. The keyword is not easy to rank for. We have done this well WITHOUT ranking on the first page for the most competitive keyword over the last 5 years. IF we are able to rank on the first page, the sales have the potential to quadruple.

    We are looking for a long-term partner who will work on a 50/50 split basis to start. If at some point once we are ranking on the first page and you would like to arrange a monthly fee, we can also do that.

    PM me for details regarding the keyword(if you want to do kw analysis and see if this is something you can actually do). Again, this is an established company and website that is getting some traffic already organically from Google and from social media mostly. 30,000+ visitors per month currently.

    Thank you all in advance and we hope to find our partner here shortly.
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    i'll take a look, as long as it's not adult or pharma i'm game.