Looking for Local Nothside Chicagoans. (You don't have to be a Cubs fan.)

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    Hi All,

    EDIT [This is in the hire a freelancer section and not the lounge because I'm primarily interested in collaborating on a project, but if it devolves into just some local IMers getting together then that's fine too.]

    Looking for Chicago IMers who want to collaborate. (You don't have to be a Cubs fan.)

    At this time, I am ONLY looking for locals who are Northsiders. That would be from downtown to Highland Park (if you are west or south or Indiana but are willing to meet up north then that's fine too). I am really only interested in meeting face to face. FYI, I don't have enough rep to convince anyone of anything :eek: and nor am I interested in a one way partnership.

    I am primarily interested in collaborating. I have some ideas, and know what I want, but would be super flexible to ensure that each of us get what we need from the partnership. Nevertheless, if you are busy or not interested then I would just be happy to chill with someone to shoot ideas around, refine skills, meet and vent, or just make another local IM or BHW friend then that's cool too.

    PM me.