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    Feb 26, 2014
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    hello all i am seocklerk seller over 9 month and i was made more than 600$ from seocklerk
    now i want to grow my sales and buy servise featured but i havenot enought money i have only 100$ on balance.
    if i buy featured i will make min :200-300 $ per day..
    check my stat
    300$ from 2k views and if i get featured i can get mire thank 2-3k views per day..
    i have sales every day when i bumping my servise. but little sales 1-or two ..
    featured is when you on top of servises .
    so i need investment : featured price is 375 $ i have 100$on balance so i need 275$
    we will split profilts 50/50 seocklerk can pay via paypal payoneer payza ad e.t.c
    you will have seocklerk password and username so you can monitor sales..
    guaranteed taht you will get what you invest..
    so please pm me or addme on skype youtube.marketer