Looking For JV - Need Someone To Sell My E-Book

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by coreygeer, Jan 20, 2009.

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    What I currently need is someone who:

    - Has a verified PayPal (I am not doing business with someone who has a locked PayPal or someone who isn't verified).

    - Has an active account on Warrior Forum and has a good reputation there. I'm not talking something like, "I have 20 posts and I'm sure people like me!"

    - Someone who can sell my E-book on there for 50/50 commissions going through my PayPal.

    If need be, I will provide screen shots of my PayPal and will instantly notify you once a payment is made to my PayPal.

    - You need to have either MSN/Yahoo/AIM so I can have constant communication with you while the WF thread is active. It's just a 7 page E-Book I started selling over at Fucktard Point.

    If anyone is interested, let me know.