Looking for Investors for our Unreal Engine 4 Game

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    Hi there,

    We are creating our first game on Unreal Engine 4 developed by Epic. We have created a game prototype that have been featured on Steam Greenlight (59th Place) with 97% of the votes to be published on Steam and on IndieDB (22nd Place). The game project have received great reviews and we are currently developing the final version after some capital was raised.

    Despite this amazing feedback we are still looking for funds in order to finalize and acquire resources. Our team has some of the most creative and have worked for major game titles!

    We are looking for the last investment in return of a share on future profits. We will be glad to discuss this further and share some more detailed information about the game.


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    Sure, spam every possible forum... I doubt you'll get the chance to receive an answer, this thread will be deleted.