Looking for investor for navel fetish videos

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    I own
    and i am trying to restock my site with navel fetish videos. I had about 12 videos up with 3 girls who were my friends. I paid my friends and had signed model release forms. After making a bunch of money (I posted previews on youtube) I came back to my female friends to make some more videos and they almost seemed disgusted at what they had done and what I was asking them. Even though I own the videos flat out legally they forced me to take them down (they are my friends).
    Ok here is what I am willing to offer. The navel fetish niche is BOOMING!!!!
    there are thousands of clips on clips for sale and there are many sellers who have discredited themselves by making navel fetish videos that sucked. Since I myself have a navel fetish I know exactly what to tape and how to film it which resulted in my videos selling quickly. I do not sell my videos on clips for sale because they take 50% when I get all of my money from my site .
    On clips 4 sale clips go for about $10 for ten minutes. I can get around 6 clips from just about any girl for $100. I have been trying to hire cheap girls forever and I just want to post an ad for $100 an hour and have the phone ring all day.
    Here is what you will get per $100 :

    6 ORIGINAL 10 MINUTE CLIPS THAT I WILL GIVE TO NO ONE ON PLANET EARTH. We will both own the clips and have the right to sell them. I will give you exclusive rights to sell them on clips for sale and I will sell them on my website and never sell the clips you helped pay for on clips for sale. You will be able to resale these clips for life. I will have all legal release forms signed which will have your and my name with a photo copy of model's id for your legal paperwork.
    Everyone who wants to get in on this we all can meet in a private chat room so nobody suspects anyone is getting cheated or getting sold the same videos.
    I will find girls, record them , edit videos and document all needed information. If 5 people invest I will get 5 girls. I am sure I can find a girl to do it for $50 an hour so if that is all you want to invest that is ok you will get the same deal but I am sure for $50 the girl is going to be a lot uglier and older. IF you have any questions please feel free to ask.