Looking for Ideas. What to do w/ FREE domain


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Dec 28, 2008
So a few yrs back I was going to start an auto detailing business. What a dumb idea that was. This was before I got introduced to IM. I got a hosting account w/ Bluehost which came w/ a free domain for life. So I made a website for my detailing biz and loaded it with about 15-20 pages content about detailing techniques and how to care for your car (along with my rates, hrs of operation etc.)

So a few yrs later here I am with a catchy domain name, a site with about 20 pages of good content and I want nothing to do with detailing cars for a living. I got people still finding my website by google search and calling me up for a detail. lmfao

I want to take the site down and turn it into something that can run on auto pilot and bring in some revenue. I have some what of an idea of what I want to do with it but I'd like to hear any ideas you guys may have.

Im thinking of some type of autoblog or car care or care product reviews with some adsense and affiliate products. Maybe I could start out with my 15-20 pages of content and spin them off into more articles with software. What do you guys think?

I think your idea of putting adsense and affiliate products is a good idea. Try throwing some other banners that have to do with your niche in there such as banners for a free gas card? I'm sure you could use adsense as a way of earning extra income here and there with it also. After you've finished monetizing I think you should check out this:


Use it, I'm sure you can see a larger increase in your traffic and income if you haven't already. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
along with trying to push random CPA stuff, i would "rent" out the missed sales to other companies who actually offer this service.

If you turn down 5 of these offers per month, some other struggling company will surely give you a large % of the fee for bringing them the custom.

Just need to tell them to phone this number xxxxx to get the current prices as you don't deal with that side any more

Plenty of big car forums based on these subjects and alot of self employed people doing this for a living
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