Looking for helpful advice for NEW CAM SITE!

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    Looking for any helpful advice if I may,
    We are looking at launching a new cam site!! In terms of unique features etc, bonuses for both models and members, rewards etc we feel that we have got lots to offer .. We have painstakingly researched the life out of this, we are a young 30 year old couple with lots of experience in the industry and are trying our best to make a great paying, fair and fun site for all .

    The one thing that is a slightly nerve racking thought is the launch .. The launch and the following few weeks after.. Exciting but nerve racking also .. Why ? We need people to be with us... So , my question is how to we get you there ???

    We are obviously going to pay performers in the beggining stages to work the site , but how to we attract models when our site is brand new , like we said we have lots to offer, but how do we go about recruiting models and getting you camming with us when we naturally will not have the traffic of other sites (of course we won't we are brand new) .. And it works both ways how do we draw in your valuable members when we have not got the model choice of other sites ...

    Social media etc will play a big part , it makes it easy to connect but no one will want to work a quiet site regulardless of the advantages of camming with us on paper. We will also be concentrating on affiliate programmes as well as paying for advertising.

    We intend to do a pre launch 2 weeks before the site goes live where both models and members will be able to register, accounts approved etc so that when we are off we are off , but how do we get you all there.

    Any help would be gratefully received