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Looking for guys who are good at managing Stealth paypal/eBay account for dropshipping

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by sudhiros, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. sudhiros

    sudhiros Junior Member

    Apr 14, 2011
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    Hi Guys

    In addition to my "Dropshpping Ralph Lauren" Thread, i am also looking for people who are good at

    1. Managing / creating Stealth paypal / eBay account
    2. Managing eBay sales of "High Risk" items (items which are more prone to VeRO problems)
    3. Managing withdrawls from stealth paypal accounts
    4. Bypassing the "hold for 21 days" trouble of paypal (of course we ship next day)

    if you are good at selling "high risk" items on eBay, it is for you !

    a very common question will be "Why the heck you dont do it yourself ?" . . the answer is that i am from india, and recently Asian accounts get kicked faster than US / EU accounts, i am also not good at doing stealth accounts. The item (Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts) is high risk and i have lost a number of accounts in past ( despite of 98%+ positive feedback) .

    "Why you need us to bypass 21 days hold limitation ?"
    I do not mind you living with it, all we need is a payment in our paypal from your verified paypal account before shipment, your payment is paypal you are secured. Had people in past telling me that since money is in hold so they will pay me once the items are shipped. I am exposed to 100% risk of loosing money at the time and i do not want that

    "Why you need a person to manage many stealth accounts at one time ?"
    This is christmas time, this is the best time to make sales and have some money, Ralph Lauren is a high risk item. I will not suggest to do aggressive listing in one account, so better have a couple of account and keep rotating the listings in between. For sure i will provide you different pictures for different accounts.

    "How am I sure that you have the goods ?"

    I have the goods ready with me, in case you want to look at them, send me a PM with a message . I will print that message and put that paper in middle of the goods and send you a pic. That should be the best way to prove that i hold the goods

    "How does the dropshipping works ?"
    I provide you the pictures and essential details, you list them. when sale is made. you send me an email with details of order and pay my price to my paypal. I ship the goods to your buyer directly. provide you the tracking number. The tracking number is from India to NY using a courier company. once the goods clear in US and than they are connected to your buyer using FedEx or DHL. The goods thus sent from NY shows origin as NY and do not show India anywhere. You pay me by paypal and hence you are covered. I dont mind you mentioning the order details with buyers address on paypal for your additional security.

    "What if the buyer do not like the goods?"
    You ask the buyer to send the goods back to NY as the address provided by me, once goods are received back. I issue a refund to you. The whole process of reship and refund should be thru paypal

    "How am i sure about the quality of your stuff ?"
    I have been selling for long time, i know what buyers like and what not on eBay. single handed i can not really make the sale it can in this xmas time. so i am looking for guys to partner so that you guys work as front end and i work at back end ensuring proper shipment and delivery of the goods. a regulated sale per account per week will keep atleast them alive until sale season ends

    PLEASE PM me with all the questions you might have and i will answer them at soonest

    Please do not jump or shout "SCAM !!" or "BEWARE!!" ask me as much as you want to and i will be here to reply, Open or PM is your choice

    Thank you!