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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by CashFlowKing, Jan 9, 2011.

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    Hey gang, I am going to be trying out some of the vouchers I have on some diff traffic, a few questions for you more seasoned ppc pro's since I am a newbie

    Would you say it is better to send ppc traffic to the affiliate, cpa landing page that is provided or create your own? If create your own, why?

    Would gambling or dating be a good niche to try out for sending traffic to?

    I understand ppc enough to get by, just not sure what would provide me the best ROI

    If you have $500 of free PPC vouchers, where would you point your traffic?

    Thanks :D
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    I'd recommend dating. Gambling is a gamble dont go for it. Plus its not easy getting away with gambling ads on reputed networks.
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    First of all, you cannot direct link with adwords. Your qs will be very low and your cost per click will be vefy high. Most of the time your ads wont even show up anyway.

    Second, you cannot promote gambling on adwords. It is against the Tos. You will be banned forever if you try that. I think you really dont know what you are doing so i suggest you to read first. Adwords is very tough and has a very steep learning curve. You can burn that 500$ voucher in less than a day, if you dont know what you are doing.

    G hates affiliates right now and it is very hard to promote affiliate products on there, especially with a new born site. Direct linking, promoting cpa offers are way 2007. It is totally a different game right now. If you think that you will just setup some campaigns, promote some affiliate or cpa offers then watch the money coming in, then you will be very disappointed for sure.

    Go with bling instead. Traffic is nowhere near G but at least you can still direct link and test the waters before jumping in with your two feet.
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    I have tested promoting C*B with direct link and got approved , i leave on my computer until i am make sure all ads already approved and then run a way.