Looking for full time article writer from Philippines

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    We are looking for someone who loves to write, is able to create content, an article writer who knows how to do the necessary research required to create original and unique articles.
    Some internet marketing related tasks will be included in the job as well.

    The job will be full-time home based and you must have a computer and access to internet. You must commit 8 hours a day 5 days a week towards the job. You must be allowed to work in Philippines. You will need to report hours and activities on a daily basis. We will begin to pay at $300 per month. If the quality and goals are reached, we will pay you $325 or even more. You must be confident in using search engines and in using a text editor. If you have experience in internet marketing that is good, but it is not necessary.

    You have to be from Philippines.

    For more information send PM. You have to agree to above terms and be qualified to contact us.
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