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Looking for freelance marketers in the Real Estate niche .. Good Payout ..

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by RoiBox, May 27, 2009.

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    Joint Venture Proposal


    I´ll break it down easy in this letter.

    We are going to build about 500 new apartments in Kamala, Phuket Thailand with about 100 meters down to the beach and no buildings in front of the property in phase one. Our land/property in Kamala is already paid for and there are no loans or what so ever debt on it.

    In phase to we will build about 1200 to 1500 apartments, more on that when it´s time. Let´s see what phase one gives first.

    We are looking to JV with you to market our pre-launch-build project-website where people/real estate agents can register as buyers.

    The sale price of the apartments are going to be about 1/3 of market value in Kamala so the buyers will get a greate deal and could for example buy 2 apartments and then sell one for twice the price and still sell way under market price to finance one for themselves.

    It will cost $1000 to pre-register at our website as a interested buyer.

    If you choose to help us at this JV you will earn $500 from the registration fee and also if they choose to buy an apartment you will earn 7% of the sale, the price will land somewhere around $40,000 for the buyers at that price you will earn about $2,800 if they buy on top of the $500 you get when they registers as potential buyers.

    As target for your campaigns it seems like Real Estate Agents are a nice niche to market the opportunity to, maybe there are a few good CL marketers here that will make a lot of money with this JV .. :)

    Send me a PM on this or ask away here .. :)

    Leif Bohlin
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