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    Hi all,

    I am building a number of sites that will operate in foreign markets. I am looking for excellent foreign language freelance link builders to work with for a couple hours per week on an on-going basis. I am NOT looking for someone who will submit my website to eleventy million social bookmarking websites and spin a thousand articles a day. I am looking for someone who can send me a weekly report containing a list of websites that match a certain set of criteria on which links can be bought and for what price. I will approve or disapprove the sites, at which point, you - the freelancer - will put a link on the approved sites.

    These sites all have SEO budgets behind them and you would, of course, be paid for your work.

    Before working on the money sites, I have a low traffic test site I would like to test people out on (also paid work of course). I am looking for someone who can confidently find me 5-10 links on pages that match at least the following criteria:

    - Sites with a .es TLD, or Spanish language site hosted on Spanish servers
    - Real page PR (not domain PR) of at least 2. The higher the better.
    - Low OBLs (tops 20). The lower the better.
    - Health or Home Remedy niche
    - Permanent links

    Future sites will need work in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and good ole' English linkbuilding.

    Post here or PM me - IF YOU HAVE READ AND CAN MEET THE CRITERIA. Please DO NOT send me a message with your genius SEO package that utilizes blah blah blah to make me first on all my KWs in ten days blah blah blah.