Looking for Foreign investors to invest in Construction at India

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    Hello ,

    Am Robkey from india , chennai . I am a constructor. I am now constructing a project at Chennai , chitalapakam .

    Am looking for a guy Who are really and seriously interested in making good and huge profits with some more construction sites

    Let me tell my plans :

    We purchase a ground or take a ground in Joint venture from some owners . I will give you example below for purchasing a ground and constucting a building with very good profits .

    1 Ground costs = 1 crore rupees ( Close to 200,000 US$ ) Near my area . Thats around 2400 sq.feet . IF we go for different areas costs may be low or high too. The area which am living is a expensive area .

    Engineer Costs ( Provides from Bricks and all things ) - 1300 Rs/Sq.feet ( Close to 26 US$ )

    WE can Construct 1000 sq.feet per house . Max we can construct 6 homes in a ground . But i will give you calculation for 4 houses now . Profit increases if you can invest for more houses .

    Ok lets talk abt things here ..

    A house = 1000sq.feet
    4 houses = 4000 sq.feet
    Engineer cost for constructing 1 homes : Rs. 13,00,000 around ( Close to 26,000 US$ )
    4 homes costs : Rs.52,52,000 around ( Close to 104,000 US$)

    Registration plan approval and all things totally comes around Rs.1,60,00,000 ( Close to 320,000 US$ )

    If we divide it by 4 homes each home as per cost for constructing comes around = Rs .40,00,000 ( Close to 80,000US$ )

    We can sell Each house at Rs . 50 - 55 Lac . ( Close to around 100,000 - 110,000US$ )

    Let me take 55 Lac ( 15 lac for each home profits ) = Comes around 60 Lac profit. ( Close to around 440,000US$)

    Investment made = 320,000US$
    Turn over = 440,000US$
    Profits Made with 1 Appartment ( 4 homes ) - 120,000US$

    If we can increase the appartment into 6 homes the profits gets added extra 60,000$ . So around 180,000US$ profit can be made with just 1 Apparment of 6 homes .

    A Appartment gets 6 - 8 months time to build . If we can construct 2 homes in a year we can easily make tons of money.

    Profits plans with me :

    You dont need to invest any amount with me .

    I will show you the land owner and you can pay to him directly and take on ur name .

    A partnership deed will be filled for both of us . I would like to share profits with 40:60 . 40% for me and 60% for you .

    You can stay with me , i will rent you a home, and you can pay all the expenses directly by you . Its a gentle man agreement . Slowly we can improve from 2 houses a year to 4 houses a year with the profits made . If we dont spend profits for first 1 year we can make tons of money in coming years .

    Construction Business is a Huge Business and if you are really interested and serious then give me a pm . We can speak more detail about it .

    With regards

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