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    I am looking for an experienced SEO BH'er that is interested in structuring a JV to run a campaign for my credit repair company

    I propose that I will pay for:

    1. continued membership to the tools available at REMOVED.net (including the Fantomaster and Kloakit tools). I am currently a member of REMOVED.net, and it has many useful tools.
    2. domains and hosting for those domains on seo-hosting
    3. xrumer hosting

    I am interested in someone with experience in cloaking, and linkbuilding (autopligg, xrumer, etc). I would prefer you have an xrumer license already in place (if you don't, I will consider buying a license ONLY if you have sufficient experience with the program). I am looking to establish a long term relationship and develop something that is scalable. We have the budget, we are just looking for the right administer of the plan.

    I propose to pay a generous commission per sale, and potentially a bonus for each domain properly set up and listed in the engines (this will include free hosting services as well).

    If you are interested in exploring this further, please PM me
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