Looking for European Dropshipper of Big Iflatable Toys (e.g. dinghies, floats) [or US]

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    Aug 6, 2015
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    I am looking for a dropshipper of inftatable toys, such as dinghies and rafts. They can be ones designed for kids, but should be able to fit adults.

    I'm looking for cheap products, not some real fishing boats or something. Examples of perfect products:
    -Inflatable dinghy fitting 1 adult
    -Inflatable dinghy fitting 3 adults
    -Inflatable party raft for many people
    -Inflatable floating dink cooler.. etc.

    Ideally they should be shipped from Europe since the customers are located in Scandinavia. However, if you can ship quickly and cheaply from US or another continent it's fine too.