Looking for enthusiastic IMers to blog on my blog with me

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by mandude, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Title pretty much says it. I host a blog and am trying to post every single day. It was easy at first, but now I have like 7 projects going on, and I run out of ideas on what to write.
    I would love someone who love talking about and doing IM to join me in my blog. I can't offer you any upfront payments, but I can help you in any kind of JV you need. I have helped some people by sending out offers to my mailing list. I had a good conversion and got him 2 sales on a small list.
    We can do stuff like that, sharing the rev from emailing and offers/affiliate stuff.
    Or if you just love writing about internet marketing/marketing but dont have anywhere to post it or just want to help me, let me know. I would love it.

    Write here or PM me.
    thank you.