Looking for educated VAs forsocial media 5-20$ per hour long term!

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    Dec 3, 2016
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    Looking for Educated VAs who want to work in social media.

    What you do is:

    You go into social media and sell our service by private mailing and spamming, you also advise people and guide them you need to convince them to buy our product and there are pretty easy ways for it as we pay them upfront.

    familiar with social media.
    Fluent english
    Social skills
    6 Hours + a day
    A brain, do the job on ur own - i am not a babysitter, i need real workers who know how to do their fking job and no 3$ VAs who ...

    We will do one day of training where i pay you on conversions, if you dont agree with that - dont write me, i am not hiring everyone i need great workers who want to earn big amounts of money per day.

    After that we can agree on a hourly rate thats no problem, the more efficient u are the more money per hour you will get.

    Write me ur skype via PM if you are interested