Looking for Ebay Seller and Partners to Sell Assorted Items for Me!

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    I have established an excellent source of items to be sold on Ebay using dropshipping model. The problem I am facing right is on how to handle multiple orders. So I decided to bring this concern here in BHW and seek for solution as well as bringing potential income to others.

    Note: These items are 100% Brand New, Genuine and Branded. No replicas, fake or any imitation products. Also, these items suits the policy of allowed items to be dropshipped (base on this room's rules).

    What am I looking for?

    I am looking for people who can help me sell on Ebay with these following terms:
    * Must have an active Ebay account with minimum of 300 positive feedbacks.
    * Can Sell/List multiple items on Ebay without any limits or restrictions to any countries most especially to US, CA and UK.
    * Fast, Prompt and Reliable respondent to any customer concerns, questions and product-related issues.
    * Always reachable through Skype and email.

    Our transaction flow:
    * I will send you the complete details of the item that you're going to sell (item base costs, shipping details, the item images, item quantity, preferred selling price, profit margins and etc).
    * You will then list the items accordingly.
    * When a customer orders an item, notify me immediately so I can prepare the stocks and the package.
    * For safety measures (for both of us) in terms of payment security, after the customer pays for the item, send me directly the base cost of the item less the profit you included. For example, the base cost of the item is $50 and you sell it on Ebay for $60, you send me the $50 base cost and you keep your fresh profit of $10.
    * You will be notified when the item is successfully shipped to the customer.
    * Recurring the listings.

    If you are interested -or- have more questions about this offer please send me PM.

    Thanks and Happy Money Making! :D
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    Add me on skype, xander.4.u