Looking for dropshippers with fast selling goods ( will consider any product)

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    Oct 4, 2013
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    Hello, I've been looking into selling goods for dropshippers that have quick selling products. I am looking for something(s) with reasonable margins where I could earn a consistent amount of income on a regular basis. I'm willing to put in the work once it will be worth my while and will consider just about any product that I will be able to sell within a relatively short time frame. I've really been on the fence about the whole dropshipping idea but after testing it out I see that its not such a bad thing once you're dealing with the right people and selling the right products.

    My current ebay account maintains 100% positive feedback score and I was a power seller for the past year. Anyone interested in discussing more please feel free to send me your skype, gmail or other contact via private message. Also open to hearing about other ideas or opportunities along the lines of ebay selling and/or making money in similar ways.

    Thank you
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    I can not PM you I am New to here
    can u add me on (s k y pe - amidobud) send me your s k y p e name to me.
    I have tea product
    50 tea bags in a creative reed box.(Pure Ceylon black tea)
    Only thing you have to do list my product in your ebay account. I will handle shipping and everything.you will list the product keeping your profit margin.My price is 14$ .
    If you have account with good feed back I'm sure you can sell my product easily .
    because I already sell 2 boxes with my new account 5 days old account.Add me on skype to discuss.
    I have product range .I'm sure we can do success business.Thanks
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    dude stop it man you are already spamming the same messages everywhere with your skype details.