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    Right now im using spamahost and another domain/email hosting provider, even though spamahost changed the A & MX records to point to their servers I can not for the love of God get this setup to work with Maxbulkmailer, and to be honest spamahost has not helped that much.They wont tell me what details to put into maxbulkmailer... Iv been working on getting it setup for a month and some change. and I have not even sent out 1 email yet. If I put in my domain/email providers information smtp host, username and password it works great but then I get bounce backs becuase my domian/email hosting provider only allows 200 emails per 24 hours, even though spamahost say they changed the A & MX records its not going through spamahost when I send the email. When I try to put my spamahost server IP address, username/password in maxbulkmailer I just get authentication error. I think all this trouble is becuase Im using VSP in conjuction with another email hosting provider, so I ask you, are there any good bulk smtp hosting providers that also have domain hosting all in one, so there is no need for A & MX chnages to be made. Thanks
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    kindly use paid hosting of 000webhost and you can send ulimited emails with interaspire.