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    I have a new site I need coded. As much as possible, I want to use an existing CMS with plugins that are tested and proven which can provide the foundation and then you can use custom code to fill in the gaps and/or make things play nicely with each other. I will leave it up to you to make a recommendation on the CMS to use but my preferences (in order) would be wordpress (by FAR my first choice), Joomla, Drupal. The site is an expanded version of wheresgeorge.com and below is a basic description of the functionality I want. Additional items will be added with the final site plan. At this point I want to get a rough idea of cost and turn-around time.

    1 - Membership/profiles. I want there to be a registration option so people can create a user profile which will list all of their activity on the site (when they find/release things)

    2 - Found/released Objects.
    ~ At this point, I will have 4 categories. I will want the option/ability to add categories at a later date and each category will have a custom form so it needs to be easy to add more later.
    ~ I want google maps integration so it's automatically tracked when items are found and released.
    ~ Each object when added new should be assigned a tracking number that is shown to the person adding the item so they will know what it is if necessary.
    ~ There needs to be facebook integration so people can choose to post to their wall when they add/release an item with a link back to the item in question.
    ~ There will need to be a search function so items can be searched by category and other identifying information.
    ~ Each item should have a report page where people can see the history of the item, the google map tracking location, how long it has been in the system and how far it has traveled.
    ~ Registered users should be able to upload photos of the item that will show on the item report page.
    ~ People should be able to 'subscribe' to an item so they are notified when it's found/released
    ~ This will be an international site so Google Translate (or similar) should be integrated
    ~ The front page should have a feed showing the latest activity on the site.
    ~ The front page should show running stats of how many objects are in the system, how many total find/releases there have been, how many countries items have been found/released in, how much total distance all items have traveled, and a count of how many items are in each category.
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    I am interested, I am SEO pro and also Expert in Wordpress development. Please check your PM.

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