Looking for custom bot/software (convert picture to video)

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    I want to upload thousand of "different" videos to YouTube and thus I need lots of videos. How to make them? I can create them with Picture to Video to softwares
    or just record my screen etc. But it takes LOTS OF TIME, so I was thinking one very useful software I need.

    So there's a nice way to make videos from pictures with dozens of different software's. Just add pictures, some voice etc and make videos. But all they lacks in one very useful feature: why there isn't a possibility to make one video per one picture? Lets say I import 100 different pictures and then it produces 100 videos selecting pictures one by one. You get the idea.

    So what I need from software:

    1. Add input folder (pictures in .jpg format)
    2. Add output folder where all the converted videos goes (format .avi or .wmv)
    3. Some settings like video length, background music or voice (not important)

    So basically this software need to take picture and make it to short video. PM me if you can do this.
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    You do not need a bot, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYduwjb_J_E you can easy find it on a google.