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    Here's a direct mail tip for those that want to go that route to generate clients.

    I've done a lot of this kind of marketing back in the day and although I do not do it any longer, I know it still works like a champ.

    The main thing in direct mail is getting the receiver to read your sales pitch and many times a post card or other generic looking item gets tossed... the below method will get you 99% open rate.

    So, instead of doing a generic mailing do the following.

    Go to your local office supply store and pick up some #6 envelopes. They are the ones that you generally send out with a birthday/Holiday card. Don't buy white ones, buy either the multi-colored ones or just go with tan... I liked using the tan ones myself.

    Choose your targets and hand write the address on the envelopes and just for the return address use just the address. Do not put your name or your company name in the return address. You do not want them to know who is sending them a "card" as you want them to find out when they open it.

    Also, do not use a postage meter to put the stamp on, buy regular stamps that you would use from your home as you wan them to think this is a personal letter to them from a friend or someone they know.

    Put your sales pitch on only one side of a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper... the standard piece of stationary in the US... I imagine that the size is similar in other areas of the world.

    If you are using a business card, fold the paper and put it in the envelope so that the opening is facing upward and put your card in the envelope so that when they pull out the paper your card will fall out into their laps.

    If you are not using a business card (I have no idea why you wouldn't) then put the paper in so that the receiver cannot see the message until they pull the paper out of the envelope.

    The receiver will see the envelope and thing that someone issending them a personal card and will open it almost 100% of the time if you do it like I explained above.

    Open rate in direct mail is HUGE... if they don't open it, you don't get to pitch them.

    I used to do this all the time when I had a business that dealt with the public and even got a "mad" call from some lady as we sent some out around St. Valentine's Day and she thought it was a card from a friend but it was just a solicitation and told me I was getting peoples' hopes up only to try and sell them something.

    The process can be a little time consuming and more boring than watching paint dry but it is super effective.

    Not sure who to address the envelope to?

    Call the businesses you want to target before sending out the mailers and ask if they received your mailer... they will say "No, we didn't."

    Then say, "Gee, it went out last week... I'll resend it. To whom should I address it?"

    Boom, now you have the name of the person that handles that end of their business.
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    This is a real great idea, I already have in my mind what to write on the paper ;)
    I will give this a shoot, as it is way better then for example cold calling.

    I can also have some creative moments with this, will add some modern, clean & professionall design on it.
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    Excellent post...this gave me some great ideas for generating some nice business! I've heard the bit about hand addressing the envelopes before, going to go and give this whole thing a try. Look forward to the results.
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    Great idea BTB, I am getting started with offline businesses and this could help me as the business grows, thanks for the great post BTB ;) already a pleasure reading your posts.
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    This is pure genius. I'll be making a mailer list that I want to try this with asap! Thanks!
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    Thanks For it...