looking for Canadian year old PayPal account, offer $400

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    We are looking for more than one year old Canadian verified PayPal account,
    We offer $400 for your account,

    1) The Paypal account has to be verified with credit card
    2) The PayPal account has to be Canadian account
    3) you have to show some history record that you did use the account before.

    here is how we guarantee you do not have trouble with your PayPal account after we take over your Paypal account.

    1) you can call your credit card company to report your lost your card, then they will send you new credit card, so no one can withdraw money from your credit card from your PayPay anymore.

    2) or you can cancel your bank account # and change a new one if you have bank account in your PayPal account.

    why we buy PayPal account?
    We have some problem with our Paypal account,

    what do we use the PayPal account for?
    we use it for legal business purpose.

    serious seller only!