Looking for Bulk email blasts for my offers, I supply emails -add them to your list-

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    I need reliable people that are capable of sending bulk blasts to scraped emails. Looking for business partners that knows what they are doing so most of the sent emails will end up in the inbox and not the spam box. In turn you can keep the email addresses which I will supply to you and promote your offer to them. I will be scraping emails daily so this is an ongoing process/business-relation that I am trying to build. Each time you send mail for me, your email list will increase, all I require is for my offer to be sent first before mailing them with your own material, also don't promote the same offer as me and wait a week before sending them your own stuff so the accounts don't feel spammed. I have 28000 emails for a test run with anyone that's interested and **knows what they are doing** if it goes well I will be sending you more emails 10k+ at a time for us to test our offers with. I would prefer people that are experienced with sending clickbank offers by email, my first blast will be for a clickbank product. PM me if interested and I will give you my skype information so we can talk in detail about this, cheers.
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