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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by lordgiap, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Hello guys,

    Currently I have a team of 25 people that able to produce 30-50 quality books monthly on amazon.com.
    The problem is we do not have enough capital to start it.

    So here's the deal.
    I need one time sponsorship $39.00 on xxx company pro plan(Cant reveal)
    another 15$ for each tittle we publish.
    I will share the royalty bonus for each book sales.

    Royalty per book $7
    Monthly 300 sales
    you get 300x2.1$=$630
    we get 300x4.9$=$1470

    If you sponsor 5 tittles for us then would we multiply by 5. We cant gurantee the sales but as long as each tittle sold you get 30% shares.

    -I will print out monthly sales statement for the sponsor.
    -I just need 10-20 tittles sponsor for the start up.
    Once our business is stable we have our own capital to run them.
    -For the loyalty bonus each the tittle you sponsor it would be lifetime
    -$39 Pro plan fees will be return once we got our 1st payout.

    If you would like to be our sponsorship please pm me for further discussion.